Episode 32: Filthy Legacy

August 14, 2018

Katie and Lesley report back on their assigned reading from the previous episode. Katie reviews Sweet, Filthy Boy and Lesley reviews Reaper's Legacy in one of our silliest episodes yet!


Episode 31: It Ends with Us

August 6, 2018

Lisa Loredo provides our first ever Romance novel review... and issues a challenge along with it.


Episode 30: The Old Man and the Sea

August 1, 2018

Our summer intern, Emily, reviews a book that was assigned to her in high school, and is able to partake in some much needed venting.


Unfortunately, she did not cast Nemo as the fish. 


Episode 29:The Outsider

July 26, 2018

A trio of librarians review Stephen King's latest book for a mini-book club edition of Allbooked!


Episode 28: IQ

July 17, 2018

Cherie read a mystery that falls outside her usual reading comfort zone... and she was pleasantly surprised by the experience!


Episode 27: Royals

July 10, 2018

Gretchen reviews a perfect vacation read from the teen collection, complete with royalty, paparazzi, tea, and scones. 


Episode 26: Wings

July 3, 2018

Kaitlyn reviews a book from the teen collection for us!


Episode 25: The Power II

June 25, 2018

Samuel Barker read The Power and gives his take on this speculative fiction title. 


Episode 24: The Girl Before

June 19, 2018

Jamie Eustace reviews a standalone psychological thriller for readers who don't want the long term committment of reading books in a series.


Episode 23: A List of Cages

June 14, 2018

Join our first patron, Katie, as she reviews Robin Roe's YA novel A List of Cages.